Bree Tomasel Mom Death Hoax, Has Bree Tomasel Mom Died?

Bree Tomasel Mom

Bree Tomasel Mom Death News, Is Bree Tomasel Mom Dead? – New Zealand Radio and on air personality Bree Tomasel, mother is reported to have died, accordimg to onlime publicatons on July 27, 2022. The death news of Bree Tomasel’s Mom cannot be confirmed by us as there are no press statement or comfirmation publication released by her lovely family at the time of this publication.

Who is Bree Tomasel?

Bree Tomasel is the genuine, upfront and guttsy female half of Nova 106.9’s Pop Up Radio with Bree & Gawndy. Born and bread in Stanthorpe, Queensland on an apple farm Bree is a long way from picking apples, riding horses and herding cattle.

After being bribed by her parents to attend university Bree completed a Duel Bachelor in Communications and Journalism at The University of Queensland. Bree then set her sights on getting any experience in the radio industry she could. Her passion lies in entertaining people, throwing herself into the deep end with the UQ student radio station JAC Radio, it was here she realized that this is what she wanted to do. Fast forward 3 years and she is now on air at one of the biggest radio stations in Australia Nova 106.9, doing a weekend show with a guy she met and then 2 weeks later was living under the same roof.

While other interests include cooking, skate boarding, and zombie apocolyspe tactics, Bree is a communicator at heart and loves any opportunity to share stories, adventures and music with those around her.

Her biggest claim to fame is drinking out of the same bottle of Hennessey as Big Sean, which she later smuggled out of the venue under her shirt.

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