Edward Headley Death, Obituary, Eden Valley Poultry Club past secretary has sadly passed away

Edward Headley Death, Obituary – Edward Headley has unexpectedly passed away. Edward passed away leaving his loved ones sad. The passing of Edward has brought sadness and left the family mourning and agonizing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of Edward. We learned about this death news through a user on social media, the statement reads below.

We have recently received the sad news that one of our past secretaries Mr. Edward Headley has died recently. Edward used to be involved with the club when the shows were at Kirkby Stephen Auction mart and did a lot to advance the club. The committee will be sending their condolences to his family.

Burial Arrangements And Obituary

Burial arrangements for Edward Headley will be as announced by the family. Obituary, funeral, and life celebration details will be released by the family and loved ones at a suitable time. We shall try to keep you updated on these.

In the meantime, at the bottom of this page is a section made available for tributes for the deceased, prayers for the family, and other persons mourning this death. Please use it respectfully and mind your choice of language.

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