Erin Arruda Death, Obituary – Erin Arruda of Massachusetts has passed away

Erin Arruda Death, Obituary – Erin Arruda has unexpectedly passed away. Erin gave up the ghost leaving family and friends heartbroken. The passing of Erin has brought sadness and left the family mourning and agonizing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of Erin. We learned about this death news through a user on social media, the statement reads below.

I can’t get with this! I can’t deal with another death! I can’t say goodbye, not to you! I was so busy saving you from everyone else but I should have been saving you from yourself! You needed me and I was too busy trying to save the rest of the world. I loved you kiddo even on my busiest day. I can’t even ask God why because I already know the answer. I would wake up in the middle of the night with you laying beside me because you couldn’t sleep. I never denied you the right to be loved, you deserved it and so much more. I felt like I had a second daughter, you jumped in all my FT’s with Kayla and even in anger I laughed at you. When it came to you, everyone knew I had your back but maybe me having your back enabled you more. I have so many thoughts running through my head, it hurts, everything hurts. I’m trying to will it away but I know it won’t change anything. Nothing I do will bring you back and that hurts even more. If you are in active addiction please, please, get help. My inbox is always open and so isn’t my heart which keeps breaking every time I lose someone. ~ Tuwana Bowles

Erin Arruda if only love could have saved you. RIP my friend. ~ Beth Bergstrom


Tributes have been pouring in from all directions as people eulogize Erin’s life. Social media is agog with such tributes as friends and relatives recall how Erin lived.

The deceased is seen as a good-hearted individual, loving and selfless. A fellow with a heart of gold, Erin was an epitome of many good things. The death that took Erin away is indeed crude.

The death of Erin will surely leave a huge gap. A gap between family and friends will not be able to close so quickly. Surely the demise of Erin will live on as an eternal memory in people’s hearts.

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