Karizma Mebane Death, Obituary, Family mourns 21-year-old Durham woman killed in gas station shooting

Karizma Mebane Death, Obituary – Karizma Mebane 21-year-old Durham woman killed in a gas station shooting. Karizma passed away leaving his loved ones sad. The passing of Karizma has brought sadness and left the family mourning and agonizing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of Karizma. Karizma Mebane’s whole life was still in front of her. Chanaqua Spencer, her stepsister, said, “I just wanted everyone to know that she touched the lives of so many people.” “And that smile and that kind heart always got everyone.

“That’s what everyone liked about her.” Two men have been arrested and charged with killing Mebane in the first degree. She turned 21. Mebane was shot at a Valero gas station at the corner of Hardee Street and Cheek Road on Friday night. At the hospital, they said she was dead. Spencer said of her stepsister, “She was very honest.” “Her heart was the cleanest,” Spencer told Mebane that she thought of her as her sister. Spencer said, “She was out living her life.” “She’s young, and at the time she was just having fun,” Spencer said that their other brother, Tyrick Gattis, was killed in Alamance County in the year 2020.

Spencer said that the family gets by with prayer and faith. “In all honesty, prayer, because that’s how my grandparents raised me,” Spencer said. “I was brought up in church, so yes, I pray. Within 24 hours of Mebane’s death, Jaquez Reddick, 23, and Tracy Crawford, 18, were taken into custody by Durham police. Monday morning was the first time either man went to court. Court records show that neither of the men has ever been in trouble with the law. The two men live together in Durham. Also, court records show that Reddick and Crawford live with their mother at the same address. This makes it look like they are brothers.

The court file has a public safety assessment that says Crawford supports one child. He is in the 10th grade. Spencer thinks that her two brothers and sister died because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Spencer said, “I’m here to keep their names alive and to hope that one-day gun violence will stop.” Spencer said that she wants to start a non-profit group to help people who have had similar bad things happen to them. “So many people have lost loved ones to gun violence in my community,” Spencer said. “It’s all over. Not only in Durham. It’s all over.” The funeral for Mebane is still being planned by her family.

Burial Arrangements And Obituary

Burial arrangements for Karizma Mebane will be as announced by the family. Obituary, funeral, and life celebration details will be released by the family and loved ones at a suitable time. We shall try to keep you updated on these.

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