Man injured in shooting at Piedmont Interstate Fair, Spartanburg Police


The Piedmont Interstate Fair witnessed gunfire on Saturday night. The Spartanburg Police Department responded. According to Maj. Art Littlejohn, a guy was taken to Spartanburg Regional Medical Center after being shot in the upper thigh around 8:50 p.m. Unknown is the victim’s state of health.

The Piedmont Interstate Fair Association released the following statement:

“This evening an unfortunate event happened at the fairgrounds where a young member of our community was shot by another young member of our community. The victim is in stable condition at Spartanburg Regional Hospital, having been treated by onsite EMS. On-site law enforcement responded quickly to the incident. Upon the recommendation of law enforcement, the fair was closed for the safety of our patrons. We pray for the swift recovery of the victim and offer solace to anyone traumatized by this incident. We have prided ourselves in providing a safe fair for 76 years. The Piedmont Interstate Fair Association regrets that the irresponsible actions of an individual ruined an evening of wholesome entertainment and activities for members of our community. The Spartanburg Police Department and Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office will have an increased presence Sunday to ensure the safety of our patrons.”

Additionally, the Piedmont Interstate Fair Association announced that there will be more police presence on Sunday.

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