Pabi Moloi Dead or Death Hoax, Who Is Pabi Moloi? Age, Networth

Why are Pabi Moloi’s death and obituary news everywhere? Is Pabi Moloi Dead or Death Hoax?

Pabi Moloi (born 18 January 1984) is a South African TV presenter, actress and radio DJ known for hosting the M-Net magazine programme All Access, from 2009-2012.

A lot of people are worried about the recent news of Pabi Moloi that is going viral on the internet. “Is Pabi Moloi Dead or Alive?” is the question that has been popping up here and there on the internet. Many people who know Pabi Moloi want to know whether the news is true or a death hoax. You are actually on this page right now to know if Pabi Moloi is actually dead or if it is one of the fake news that is often brewed and circulated by mischievous people on the internet.

From our investigations, Pabi Moloi is Alive and Well. Some sources close to Pabi Moloi told us that the news about Pabi Moloi is a Hoax and should be disregarded.

Pabi Moloi Death, Obituary, Cause of Death are all Hoax

While some trusting fans believed the post, others were wary right away, possibly having learned their lesson from the slew of phony celebrity death rumors that have surfaced in recent months. Some speculated that the death had not been reported on any major online media network, implying that it was a hoax, as the death would be significant news across networks if it were true.

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If you Google the current Pabi Moloi Net Worth according to Forbes, you would be presented with a host of results that might confuse you. But within those results, there are some recurring results you would find in the list.

Pabi Moloi according to Forbes has over time built a strong fan base which has given them that much-needed publicity not just in the country but globally and they are highly respected in the South African music industry. Their popularity has seen them win series of awards and sign endorsement deals on daily basis.

In 2006 She hosted the second season of the SABC3 game show Out of the Box. She hosted the SABC1 game show The Amazing Date, in 2008.

In the eighth season of the SABC1 drama series Soul City, she played the role of Unathi. She also hosted the DStv gospel channel One Gospel.

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