Reagan Hancock Death, Texas Woman Allegedly Stabbed Mom-to-Be 100 Times

Reagan Hancock Death, Obituary – This week, a lady in Texas who is 29 years old is standing trial for the alleged murder of her pregnant friend, after which she allegedly removed the unborn child from the victim’s womb and attempted to pass it off as her own child. The trial began this week. PEOPLE has learned that opening statements were made on Monday in the courtroom in New Boston where Taylor Rene Parker is now on trial. After Reagan Simmons Hancock, 21, was discovered dead in her New Boston home at approximately 10:20 in the morning, Parker was apprehended in Oklahoma in the year 2020 and pled not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping. on October 9, 2020, after the police received a call to 911 from a concerned citizen.

When the child was removed from Simmons Hancock’s womb, she was around seven and a half months along in her pregnancy at the time. After the alleged attack, a Texas State Trooper in De Kalb observed Parker driving too fast and pulled him over for the violation. She is said to have told the police that she had given birth on the side of the road and that the baby was not breathing after she delivered it.

Both Parker and the infant were brought to the McCurtain Memorial Hospital in Idabel, which is located in the state of Oklahoma. When Parker insisted that she did not need medical attention, the employees at the hospital became skeptical of her. The child did not survive their stay in the hospital. Before a scalpel was used to remove Simmons Hancock’s unborn child, the authorities disclosed in court that she had been stabbed and sliced more than one hundred times and that her head had been crushed with a hammer.

In connection with the death of the infant, Parker was also charged with a murder that did not involve the death penalty. Kelley Crisp, an assistant district attorney, told the jury that Parker is “an actress of the highest order” who lied about being pregnant for over ten months to keep her boyfriend around. Crisp said this because Parker wanted to keep her boyfriend around.

Crisp claimed that Parker pretended to be pregnant in order to gain attention, even going so far as to falsify ultrasounds, have a party to find out the baby’s gender, and post about her fake pregnancy on social media. Full Story


Tributes have been pouring in from all directions as people eulogize Reagan Hancock’s life. Social media is agog with such tributes as friends and relatives recall how Reagan Hancock lived.

The deceased is seen as a good-hearted individual, loving and selfless. A fellow with a heart of gold, Reagan Hancock was the epitome of many good things. The death that took Reagan Hancock away is indeed crude.

The death of Reagan Hancock will surely leave a huge gap. A gap between family and friends will not be able to close so quickly. Surely the demise of Reagan Hancock will live on as an eternal memory in people’s hearts.

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