Riley Whitelaw Obituary, Air Academy High School killed in Walgreens has been identified

Riley Whitelaw Death, Obituary – Riley Whitelaw, a 17-year-old Walgreens employee and Air Academy High School was the victim killed at the store at 6820 Centennial Blvd., in the northwest part of the city during the weekend according to Colorado Springs Police. A Co-worker was arrested for her murder.

According to reports, Riley Whitelaw complained to her manager at Walgreens in 2021 about her co-worker Johnson’s behavior, because he was making “advances towards her” that made her uncomfortable. Co-worker Joshua Taylor Johnson, 28, was arrested Sunday by Colorado State Patrol more than 100 miles from Colorado Springs.

Several weeks before her death, Whitelaw had requested different hours so she would no longer have to work with Johnson, according to the affidavit. However, when Whitelaw asked for additional hours, she was told it would require her to work with Johnson.

Additionally, a co-worker said Johnson “appeared to be acting jealous” when Whitelaw’s boyfriend began working at the Walgreens three months ago.

A Whitelaw’s managers noticed on Saturday, at around 5:30 p.m., that Riley had not returned from her break and went to look for her. When the manager reviewed surveillance footage, they found Johnson stacking bins in an attempt to obstruct the view of the camera, according to the affidavit.

The manager told police that someone also had taped paper over the windows into the breakroom and posted a “restroom closed” sign in the area to “keep people out,” something the manager said was unusual during business hours.

At about 7 p.m., the store manager entered the breakroom and found Whitelaw’s body with neck injuries and blood all over the floor. Her employee badge and a radio earpiece were lying near her feet.

Johnson was arrested Sunday by State Patrol while walking along Interstate 25 outside Trinidad. Johnson had scratches on his hands and face, and he told troopers that he’d been attacked at a Walgreens in Colorado Springs.

Johnson was taken back to Colorado Springs and stated during an interview with police that at one time he a crush on Whitelaw but didn’t anymore, and that he was in the breakroom and “fell in the blood.” After falling, Johnson said, he went home to change clothes.

Johnson also denied to officers that he stacked bins to obstruct the view of the security camera even after being shown video footage of him doing it.

Johnson is being held in the El Paso County jail on suspicion of first-degree murder. His first court appearance is scheduled June 21.

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